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I am so immeasurably sad this holiday season. If anyone asked me how I feel on any given day in the last few weeks, I could answer “sad” every time.

Part of it is my impending surgery and every little anxiety-inducing detail that comes with that, including the pathology results…

My dad died yesterday. There is something very solidly final about the death of a parent and I didn’t expect it. Because my relationship with my father was complicated, I’m even more surprised by the depth of my grief. I thought initially that it was sympathy for the rest of…

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A friend and I jokingly decided to make this the year of #baddecisions2019. As in decisions you know are bad, but they’re just too fun to pass up and we’re adult enough to handle the consequences (and let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger), so why not?

Turns out…

This Is America

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I wrote this in a blog three years ago. I don’t even remember the events that sparked these thoughts. There have been so many that they all meld together into one common history. I cringed reading this because I can see the naivete and the privilege in…

Katherine Alexander

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